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The Zuist altar and calendar

This pamphlet puts forward a model for the Zuist altar, to be kept either by the individual Zuist practitioner in his household or by communities in a temple, and presents a draft of the Zuist calendar. The “altar”, etymologically a place for “heightening”, shall be a representation of Sumerian theo-cosmology, a place where to meditate […]

De civitate Caeli – The civilisation of Heaven

The essay puts Zuism in dialogue with some of the most important currents of contemporary philosophical enquiry. It shows the compatibility of the Zuist project with the Eurasianist Fourth Political Theory of Aleksandr Dugin, and the affinity of Zuism with broader Eurasian religion, especially Chinese religion; then it puts forward a criticism of Christianity and […]

Theory and layout of Zuist temples (with a project for Reykjavik’s Temple of Heaven)

❶ FOUNDATIONS OF COSMOLOGY Zuism is the worship of Heaven–𒀭 An–, which is the north ecliptic pole coiled by the constellation Draco, the source of all the star-gods.1 Heaven is the active whirling force which proceeds throughout all the heavenly bodies, the Earth, and also all the beings on Earth, generating all of them. It […]

Elements of Zuist theology

In this article the author explains the foundations of Sumerian/Zuist astral theology, that is to say the general theory of Heaven-Earth and of the main gods Enlil, Inanna and Enki. Zuism, also known as Sumerian-Mesopotamian Neopaganism,i is essentially the worship (id est worth-giving) of Heaven, of the north ecliptic and celestial pole and of the […]

What is Zuism?

WHAT IS ZUISM? The term “Zuism” derives from the Sumerian word 𒍪 zu, meaning “to know”. Zuism is therefore the “way of knowledge”, the way of knowing the appropriate modality of being human. It is the gnosis on how to appropriately stand in-between Heaven (𒀭 An or Dingir) and Earth (𒆠 Ki), by acting in […]

About Uligang Ansbrandt

Uligang Ansbrandt↓, also signed with the nom de plume Ansbrandt of Reykjavík in my articles — I am an independent author primarily interested in philosophy, theology and cosmology. Since early 2018 I have been writing articles about the international movement of Zuism, the reinstitution of Sumerian-Mesopotamian religion. My interest is the study of Zuism and […]