About Uligang Ansbrandt

Uligang Ansbrandt,* also signed with the nom de plume Ansbrandt of Reykjavík in my articles — I am an independent author primarily interested in philosophy, theology and cosmology. Since early 2018 I have been writing articles about the international movement of Zuism, the reinstitution of Sumerian-Mesopotamian religion. My interest is the study of Zuism and of its potential as a scientific religion, and my articles aim to be well-written, academically sourced, and to represent the international Zuist religious movement.

I am neither a member of the central leadership of Zuism in Iceland, nor a registered lay member, nor a member of any other religious group. I am not an Icelander, despite the nom de plume inspired by the fact that Zuism first became an officially recognised religion under the government of Iceland. After having submitted the draft of one of my articles, the Zuist Church of Iceland offered me the opportunity to freely publish my articles on this site belonging to their internet network.

Uligang Ansbrandt of Reykjavík, January 2018


*Uligang is an ancient Germanic name literally meaning “owl-going”, “one who goes like the owl”, or “who has the same essence of the owl”. “Owl” is *uwwalǭ in Proto-Germanic (a diminutive of “eagle-owl”, *uwwǭ), and is a creature traditionally associated with wisdom, vision, philosophy. The name is built in the same fashion as Wolfgang (“wolf-going”), and other Germanic names which use the same suffix, and would be nearly equivalent to Ulihard (“-hard”, Proto-Germanic *harduz, being another suffix of essence, intended as concretion rather than process). It is attested in: Förstemann, Ernst (1856). Altdeutsches Namenbuch. München, W. Fink; Hildesheim, Gg. Olms. p. 1212. Ansbrandt is yet another Germanic name, meaning “divine flame” or “divine sword” (from Proto Germanic *ansuz, “god”, “spirit” + *brandaz, “flame” or “sword”).

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